Gutter Repair

There are two common types of gutters on residential homes;

1. 5k gutters

2. Fascia gutters

Many people ask about standing water in their gutters.

1. With 5k gutters it is easier to adjust the pitch of the gutter to get them flowing properly. This is because with this kind of gutter a starter metal is installed (if done properly) at the roof edge.

This metal allows the gutter to be raised and lowered within limits.

2. Fascia gutters pose a different problem. The gutter itself incorporates a starter Metal and has to be installed directly on the roof decking. This is mostly done to cut building costs. It allows the gutter to be installed without a fascia board and usually entails eliminating soffits along the eaves. Meaning the rafter tails are visible.

This picture shows what can be eliminated with fascia gutter.

Additional flashing.

However it can be done but should not be done without installing the proper flashings.

Falling Gutters

Many times a loose or falling gutter can be remedied by replacing existing spikes with gutter screws.

Gutter spike

Gutter screw

Water running between gutter and fascia board

One common cause for this is no starter metal (drip edge) at edge of roof line. Sometimes this problem develops as the roof gets older and the edges lose some length and no longer overhang gutter. Starter metal should also be installed on non-fascia style gutters. Serious plywood and fascia board damage can occur otherwise.

No starter metal

Proper flashing

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